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Where the success of your business counts
  • Training, not limited in hours, is provided "until the job is done
  • We not only train, but we get you "up and going" by assisting you with system configuration, and even initial data entry
Superior Support
The Speciality of Fike & Fike, Inc.
  • Unlimited toll-free phone support
  • Unlimited in-office consulting
  • Software upgrades providing new features, general improvements, and changes for new laws.
  • Answers regarding software operation
  • Answers regarding general system usage
  • Answers regarding your specific data
  • Analysis of your specific data
  • Customizations for training, instructions, and software
  • Complete custom developed systems
  • Hardware maintenance and repair
  • Courteous and respectful treatment
Where your call puts you intouch with...
  • The people who actually invented the software
  • The people who have the answers
  • The people who have the power to alter the software
  • The people who want your problems resolved
  • The people who are responsible for our success
Our Goal
Our goal is to provide complete systems support better than any other vendor. Our aim is to acquire customers who realize their need for this type of superior support, and that it is achieved through a close personal relationship between customer and vendor. Our on-site training not only teaches the customer about our software, but teaches us about the customer's business, usage of data, and special computing needs. This two-way training provides the knowledge that is the cornerstone for providing superior support.
Where your opinion counts
  • We want to improve our software
  • We want and will listen to your ideas
  • We will act on your ideas
Where the staff understands and cares for...
  • People and their concerns
  • Business and its problems
  • Accounting and its difficulties
  • Computers and their benefits
Our Motto

"Our software products are a result of the collective efforts of all of you, our expanding customer base.  It is to you that we owe the success of our products and the success of our organization.  It is our duty to view and treat our relationship as one of a cooperative association where you are the members, and we are the servants.   The association exists solely for the benefit of its members."