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Accounting Systems for Business and Government
Packages may be integrated as a complete system or purchase separately.
General Ledger
  • Easy to use for non-accountants as well as accountants.
  • Allows entry of transactions using debit/ credit method or plus/ minus method.
  • Prints complete financial reporting, at any time, for any period, past or present.
  • Allows processing of next period without "closing out" the prior period.
  • Easily processes recurring "standard entries" such as depreciation.
  • Allows entry for clearing and voiding checks.
  • Prints automatic banking reconciliation report.
  • Has on-screen inquiry of checkbook transactions.
  • Allows multiple general ledger "fund" accounts to be contained within a single "checkbook" for easier fund accounting.
  • Allows entry of budgets for expenses/ revenues.
  • Annual budgets may be automatically or manually divided into monthly budgets.
  • Produces report of "actual/budget comparisons".
  • Produces report of "percentage of budget used".
  • Processes salaries, hourlies, commissions, bonuses, etc.
  • Automatically computes taxes, withholdings, and contributions.
  • Automatically prints employee paychecks.
  • Prints monthly, quarterly, and annual tax reports.
  • On-screen employee historical inquiries.
  • Automatically updates to general ledger.
Accounts Payable
  • Pays bills and prints checks.
  • Tracks outstanding payables.
  • Tracks purchase history.
  • Tracks payment history.
  • Automatically updates to general ledger.
  • Easy selection of invoices to pay.
  • User-definable checks and stubs.
  • User-definable easy-to-use report writer.
  • Clear concise reports.
Inventory Management
  • Tracks products held in quality control.
  • Tracks products consumed, lost, or disposed of.
  • Processes physical inventories.
  • Produces misc. reports including inventory value, items on order, items on back order, items below reorder, product catalog.
  • Detailed on-screen transaction inquiries.
  • Activity reports showing beginning/ ending inventory.
  • User-definable easy-to-use report writer.
  • Allows barcoding of shipping, receiving, and physical inventory.
Accounts Receivable
  • Tracks all accounts receivable.
  • Ages all accounts and amounts due.
  • Prints customer statements.
  • Automatically applies finance charges.
  • User-definable easy-to-use report writer.
  • Clear, concise aging report.
  • Ages accounts by remaining balances or unpaid invoices.
  • Allows multiple accounts per customer.
  • Automatically updates general ledger.
  • Automatically processes "recurring charges" such as monthly installments, subscription charges, quarterly fees, etc.
Purchasing & Receiving
  • Easy entry of purchase orders.
  • Prints formal purchase order form.
  • Tracks detailed purchasing history.
  • Automatically updates inventory, accounts payable, and general ledger.
  • Easy entry of receivers.
  • Checks for receiving discrepancies.
  • Allows for price override at time of order, receiver, and invoice voucher.
  • Purchases inventory and non-inventory items.
  • Allows for barcoding of receivers.