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     Priced per parcel, plus discounts for volume and longer term commitments
     Contact us for full information on pricing
           Installation and configuration
           Assistance with data setup
           Training (not limited in hours or days, but until the job is done)
           Retraining (existing previously trained staff, updates, refreshers, etc; not new hires)
           Unlimited toll-free phone support
           Onsite visits where necessary
           Legislative and other software updates
           Updates including implementation, training, and documentation
     Normally three years
     Can do one year at a time
     Offer quarterly but at slightly higher price
     Long-term contract available, but not required
     We earn your future business by making you satisfied
New Clients and Conversions
     For new clients converting from competing products, our services for completing conversions are      at no charge when you select a three-year commitment.